New Study Helps Explain Why Hobby Lobby Supporters Are So Fiercely Opposed To Birth Control


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A protester outside of the Supreme Court

A protester outside of the Supreme Court | Credit – Think Progress

The thinking here seems to reek of the old Reagan era christian fundamentalists’ attitudes…

Think Progress

Throughout the ongoing debate over Obamacare’s contraceptive coverage requirement, a common theme has emerged among many of Hobby Lobby’s supporters: the idea that ensuring access to affordable birth control is harmful to society because it leads to promiscuity and infidelity. Several right-wing groups filed amicus briefs in favor of the crafts chain arguing that women simply shouldn’t be having consequence-free sex. But where exactly does this idea come from? One research paper offers a theory.

According to new research published in Archives of Sexual Behavior, the attitude that women shouldn’t be having sex can at least partly be traced back to the idea that women are supposed to be economically dependent on men. The researchers suggest that this link…

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A Republican World – Republicans Really Do Hate Obama More Then They Love America – ‘Think Tank ‘Analyst’ Says ‘Being Hung, Drawn, And Quartered Is Probably Too Good’ For Obama’


John Oliver Mason:

Observe, please, the level to which the Republican party has sunk.

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hate obama

hate obama1

The silence from the so called Republican leadership – is deafening.

The so called Republicans of Reagan and Eisenhower have let their once Grand Old Party devolve into blind hate.

You must be so proud.

During a talk at a Tea Party organization in Sebring, Florida, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) analyst Stephen Steinlight said that Obama’s supposed executive overreach couldn’t be reined in by a lawsuit and that “being hung, drawn, and quartered is probably too good for him,” Imagine 2050 first reported’.

‘He then joked that Obama’s head should be on a skewer’.

“And we all know, if there ever was a president that deserved to be impeached, it’s this guy. Alright? And I wouldn’t stop. I would think being hung, drawn, and quartered is probably too good for him. But you know, this man who wants to rule by the use of a pen, a…

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